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Our Goal

There is a fair chance that you have heard about blockchain by now. The technology underpinning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is on top of the hype cycle. However, the concept of the blockchain remains difficult to grasp for many students.

While most students are familiar with cryptocurrencies, their knowledge of the underlying technology remains limited. What are the characteristics of a blockchain and what is the potential that can be gained?

With more companies studying the benefits of the technology, the association wants to educate, discuss and learn from blockchain technology. We aim at creating a community where students can share and expand their knowledge of blockchain technology.

Mission Statement

With the creation of TUBA we hope to educate students about the potential of blockchain technology. By organizing events we hope to create a community where students of Tilburg University can learn about blockchain, share their knowledge, and discuss the various opportunities that the technology offers.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Our Activities


Discussing the current stance of blockchain technology, societal impacts and the developments regarding cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.


Introductory lectures regarding blockchain, smart contracts and the future of blockchain in businesses and society.

Blockchain experts

Guest lectures from experts in the field of blockchain at the university.

Upcoming Events

An overview of the upcoming events is presented in the blue box. TUBA aims at organizing several events a month varying from informative lectures and guest-lectures about blockchain technology to interactive discussions about the new trends regarding blockchain implementation and cryptocurrencies.

TUBA members can join any event they like. Most events are free of charge, or require a small fee to compensate for the costs. Are you interested in joining an event? Don’t hesitate and join TUBA now!

18/5 – The Impact of Blockchain

Time: 14:45

Location: Black box, Esplenade building

Admission: FREE

Wim Maas, lecturer Tilburg University – ‘An overview of blockchain technology.’
Alexej Jordanov, founder Blox – ‘Blockchain applications in practice.’
Kim Raath, co-founder Topl – ‘Using blockchain as an open investment infrastructure.’
Alejandro de la Torre, VP BTC.com – ‘On Bitcoin and environmental concerns.’

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Past Events

27/3 – All you need to know about Bitcoin

24/11 – Blockchain and Common Ground

14/11 – Informal Research Meet-Up

25/10 – Introduction Keynote on Smart Contracts

06/09 – Introduction Keynote on Blockchain Technology

28/08 – Inaugural Meet-up


Thijs Maas

Board member

Blockchain Enthusiast, Writer for HackerNoon and editor of Law & Blockchain. Currently researching the application of securities regulation in relation to ICO’s .

Wim Maas

Board member

Lecturer at Tilburg University’s Department of Accountancy with an interest in the opportunities and challenges of DLT for the field of accountancy.

Marvin van Wingerde

Marvin van Wingerde


Ethereum evangelist, currently researching how blockchain technology can best enhance identity management practices.

Thomas ten Hacken

Thomas ten Hacken


Blockchain and cryptoeconomics enthusiast, currently researching business process assessment tools for blockchain implementation.

Meho Hodzic

Meho Hodzic


Blockchain fanatic, researching smart contract implementations.


TUBA is located on the Tilburg University campus. For more information, you can connect with us via LinkedIn.

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TUBA is offering free to attend meet-ups and lectures. Of course, we would appreciate your support in order for us to offer this! You can donate in both Bitcoin and Ether.

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